This series of images explores the tangible and emotional presence left by someone in certain places, situations and objects.
Peter, my partner's father, passed away in December 2019 after a long illness, and like everyone that loses someone, myself and his family are reminded of him regularly.
I was recently given Peter’s ‘Pentax Super ME’ 35mm SLR film camera and I have used it to take the images in this series. Having his camera as a tool to capture new memories which, despite his lack of presence, include him as a central figure has made me understand how I saw him and in many ways, how he saw us. 
My partner’s family and I retook a barge trip that we'd previously enjoyed with Peter the summer before he died. The first three images in this series document that second trip and show how Peter's presence was felt. Memories of him were brought into focus by us unintentionally taking the same route and having a similar picnic with the same people from our first trip.
The second set of images show how his family home is filled with more physical and tangible reminders, an indent in the sofa he used to sit on, his collection of Dinky and Matchbox cars which are now neatly displayed in wall mounted cabinets. Something we all hope befits his exacting standards.
Since Peter's death I have been diagnosed with incurable Stage IV melanoma. Capturing the images in this series - that memorialise Peter - has raised questions in myself about how I may remain apart of place and objects in my loved ones memories. In contrast to the title of this project I wonder 'How They Will See Me'